◇ Dulce De Leche Ice-Cream ◇

Dulce de Leche(DDL) is caramelised sweetened milk, DDL is a terrific to taste I was so excited to take dis risk just prayed and start my cooker was bit nervous if it blow, but when I open da condensed lid ufffff it’s OUTSTANDING & Awesome taste.

After that what to do with DDL Caramel made ice-cream out of it & it’s taste uffff toooo guddd.


To make DDL:

Ingredient : 

Condense milk ( 1 Tin)

Method : 

In a 5litre pressure cooker, place the unopened condensed milk can and fill the cooker with water, so that the can is immersed in water fully. I removed the paper label of the can before placing it in water.

Close the cooker and place it on high heat. After the first whistle, lower the heat and let it be on sim flame for 25 mins.

After 25 mins, off the flame and let it cool on its own. Do not place under running water. After the cooker cools, open it and take out the can. It will be very hot! Keep the can aside to cool. Open the can only after it cools completely. DDL ready for use!

For Ice-Cream :



Dulce de Leche (DDL) – 1can of Condense milk
Whipping cream (chilled) – 350ml
Vanilla essence – 1tsp


In a large bowl, take the chilled whipping cream and beat it till it becomes soft, light and fluffy as in pic. Add the sugar, if needed, during beating the cream. I added as I like mine extra sweet. Next, add the vanilla essence and DDL and fold it in slowly with a spatula.

Do not over-mix as the cream may lose its airiness and become dense. Transfer this mix to a freezer safe airtight box and freeze for 6hrs or till it’s set. Serve with a spoonful of DDL on top. Enjoyyy!



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