Beef Green Gravy

Goan Cuisine

Weekend special & ma family favorite too this green gravy, it’s ma mum replica recipe dis is mostly prepare by goan for Festival, Wedding, Parties etc. there are lots of varieties of food that is cook for most function, dis is among one of them and it it OUTSTANDING frm. ma both mum has to learn when dis visit to goa.

It taste yummy with tangy n bit spicy I try less spicy coz of kidos dis one of favorite all time.

When I go down for our holiday we r specially kids  so excited to have varieties of food n pampered by 2 mum and both mum cook so well it’s taste remain for long and God bless both mum with gud health alwys.

So here is recipe noted below



Beef : 1 kg (cut into medium sized pieces)

Onions: 4 (medium sized)

Tomato: 1(medium sized)

Turmeric: 1tsp

Oil: 4 tbsp

Green chilies: 5

Green coriander leaves: a handful

Garlic: 9 cloves

Ginger: 2 inch

Lemon juice: 1 lemon

Black peppercorns: 15

Cinnamon: 2 inch

Cloves: 10

Star anise: 3 petals (seeds removed)

Cumin seeds: 1tsp

Coriander seeds: 3 tbsp

Red chillies: 3

Potato 1 (I dont use if u want can use ma both mum use it).

Salt to taste / maggie cube 1 piece



Apply salt, and turmeric to beef for at least 20 minutes keep a side.

Grind all the ingredients into green masala to a fine paste.

Slice onion lengthwise and chop tomato finely.


Heat oil in a cooker and stir-fry sliced onion till it turns light brown. (add a pinch of salt to carmalized onion fast tip frm. Ma SIS)

Add tomato. Sauté till it mash / soft. Add the grind masala sauté for a while add salt or maggie cube.

Add the marinated beef & stir add 1 cup of water and cook cover the cooker with 2 whistle & close.

If you want more gravy can add more gravy.

Potato stiff fry if u put cooker it will b mushy & put a boil for 3 minutes.

Remove from heat wait till cooker cool down open the lid and serve

you can serve with plain rice or pulao.





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