Vegetable Rice / Pulao

It’s a weekend Special food and every weekend here in kuwait is Friday in Middle East their Holy Day is “Friday” and in goa it’s “Sunday” missing goa alot & yummy food too.

we does comes to know when sunday comes and go, so every weekend i prepared different varieties of rice each day so here is another new twist, similar recipe of ma pulao but bit twist.

As recipe listed below


Ingredients :

Rice # 1 cup (Basmati Rice)

Cloves  # 3 nos

Cinnamon  # 1  inch

Cardamom # 1 pod

star anise # 1

Onion # 2 medium piece

Green Chilli # 2

Coconut milk  # 1 cup or  Water 1 cup

Assorted veggies # 1/2  cups (beans, peas, carrot, Moong green dal – 2 tbsp. )

Water #  1 cup

Ghee # 2 tbsp

Salt to taste / Maggie Cube 2 piece ( adjust according to your taste)

Method :

Soak rice in water for 1/2 an hour.

Heat ghee in a pan. Add cloves, cinnamon, cardamom & star anise.

Now add onion, saute for a while till it turn to brown, add green chilies saute for a while. Add the veggies and roast along with Moong green dal. Now drain the water, salt or Maggie cube and add rice. Mix them well. Add 1 cup coconut milk & 1 cup water.

Serve it with any gravy of your choice.

Enjoy !!!!!!


Note : 

Add a pinch of salt to onion to caramelized fast dis tips frm. ma sister in law.

Moong dal soak overnight.

I discard the spices ( ma kids dont like but i use its give a nice aroma )

Adjust the salt according to the taste.

Add coconut milk dis time it give a different taste & aroma as well. if you dont like you can add.

For : 1 cup rice – 2 cup of water.

2 Cup rice – 4 cup of water