Tilapia Ambot Tik

Tilapia is a inhabit a variety of fresh water habitats including shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes, and farming fish this is one of ma favorite fish when I go to goa ma sister-in-law bring me fresh and also freezer it to tke me after ma holiday, in goa dis fish is more tastier than kuwait one and just waiting for ma Summer holiday dis time, and have load of different fish and enjoy da fullest.
 And when even I bring tilapia never miss to make Abot Tik of goan cuisine curry & ma mum recipe it aws. Yummy & all time favorite too.
Tilapia Fish  
3 Tilapia (Wash Clean and Cut into to each)
4 Dry Kashmiri Chillies
1/2 tsp. Cumin Seeds
4 cloves
1/4″ Turmeric ( use after adding masala)
4 Flakes of Garlic
1/2″ Piece Ginger
2 pepper corn ( I don’t use coz of ma kids but my mum use)
A Small marble sized ball of Tamarind
1 onion medium  ( cut into long slices – for grinding with masala )
1 onion medium  ( cut into long slices – fry)
1 tomato (cut to slice)
1 tbsp oil
Salt to taste (according to ur taste)
Method :
Clean and wash the fish, cut it into desired pieces, apply some salt & Lime juice  keep it aside. (has to clean it nicely coz if not  clean well da stomach get bitter taste).
Then grind all the above ingredient with little water.
Tilapia Fish
Take a pot add oil let it heat then add onion sauté it & it turn to golden brown (add a pinch of salt to get jiffy onion)
Add tomato  and sauté for a while till it is mashy, this helps with the curry and its spatial.
Now add the masala and sauté for a while and then add water half cup and let it boil 3 minutes and then add fish add salt .
Cook for a while and check the salt, garnish with coriander and green chilly.
Sever with white rice.
 Note :
I put the fish after masala boil coz if I add before then the fish will be over cook I has a      personal experience before put with masala and spoil and overcook so now I alwy put fish once   curry boil and it will be faster too.
I don’t use black pepper for ma curry coz ma kids don’t like too much spicy so I avoid.
I discard the chilly seeds coz of kids ma mum use to not discard.

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