Grill Corns with Lemon & Chilly


This is ma daughter danica all time favorite and it’s a season for corn she love the winter season coz she can have to the fullest and we had gone to Veggie market she couldn’t go more further until i purchase for her favorite corn and it’s ma Sonshine favorite too.

So just brought the fresh corn or in off season i has to bring her frozen and store for her when ever she tempt to have her favorite corn.

so here is ma creation listed below :-


ingredient : 

Fresh Corn 4 piece (Peel the husk and soak in salt water for 10 minutes)

butter 4 tbsp.

Olive oil 1 tbsp.

Lemon Juice of 1

Chilly Pwd. 1/2 tsp.

Salt to taste.


Method :

Take the corn out from water and wide for kitchen towel and keep aside.

Take a bow add chilly pwd., salt  and lemon mix all together and keep a side.

Take a pan add the butter & olive oil and medium heat add corn and saute the corn for 15 minutes in between turn both the side .

Don’t keep the flame high it will burn.then after 15 minutes close the flame and with lemon rubber the chilly and lemon mixture both and side.


Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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