Spicy Brinjal with Coconut

First of all let me thank a ton for Gorgeous Vishaka Rautela for this beauty and terrific recipe and refresh my memories  which i use to have frm. my aunt. Sucorina. Well coming back to Vishu she is a person with full of life and just love and like her i don’t met her personally but just feel like friend frm ages and will be glad to meet her personally as well.

This recipe from Goan Cuisine and my aunt Sucorina use to prepare dis beauty it was terrific and she use to add coconut as well and i m a lover of coconut so i edit with coconut and just have coconut to da fullest when i go for holiday ma mum has a coconut farm and i just go on Terrace to have tender coconut water pluck with bamboo stick some trick and child hood memories to refresh as she call toddy tapper to pluck but have ma style on terrace da feeling is un-explainable.

So ma creation with darling Vishu recipe listed below :


I add half cup of water coz i wanted to make it dry if you want gravy can add more water according to each desire.
Secondly i discard  da seeds coz of spicy & my kids dont has more spicy food, if u want spicy dont has to discard da seeds

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