Calamari / Squid Chilly Fry

The main body mass is enclosed in the mantle, which has a swimming fin  along each side. These fins, unlike in other marine organisms, are not the main source of locomotion in most species.

The skin is covered in chromatophores, which enable the squid to change color to suit its surroundings, making it practically invisible. The underside is also almost always lighter than the topside, to provide camouflage from both prey and predator.

Many species are popular as food in cuisines as diverse as Canadian, Chinese, Greek, Turkish, English, American, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese & Filipino.

Actually dis  big calamari / squid ma hubby had with his filipino friend and he just love and then when he had gone for the shopping for seafood he brought dis @ home for da first time ma hubby brought calamari / squid i feel so disgusting but  i wanted how to cook then i feel like better to cook in cooker and first coz feel it is so hard and how will ma kids/ hubby digest then i cook first in pressure cooker for 3 whistles and then cook with sauces and it was terrific and sometimes i make curry as well it taste outstanding and never expected it will taste so terrrific and ma kids also favorite too.

I cook dis small one with Goan Recheado masal filing it is also outstanding will be doing shortly as i did b4 with recheado masala.



Calamari / Squid 1 (big – Chopped into ½ inch)

Onion 3 medium (Chopped into long strip)

Pepper 4 piece (I use all color – chopped into long strip)

Ginger ½ inch (minced)

Garlic 4 cloves (chopped small)

Garam Masala 1 tbsp.

Green Chilly 3  (chopped long strip)

Soya Sauce 3 tbsp.

Tomato Sauce 2 tbsp.

Chilly & Garlic Sauce 1tbsp.

Spring Onion (for garnish)

Salt  (according to ur taste)


Method :

Clean the calamari / squid actually clean from market wash and clean cut and ½ inch put salt and lime keep a side for 10 minutes. Then take a cooker add the calamari / squid and ½ cup of water and cook for 10 minutes.

Now take a wok add oil let it heat medium then add the chopped garlic & ginger and sauté for while then add the onion sauté till it is brown.

Then add the chopped Bell Pepper all color and sauté for while then add calamari / squid add salt & sauté for 2 second add soya, tomato and chilly garlic sauce & 4 tbsp. of water

Let it cook for 3 minutes add green chilly & Garam Masala close da flame. Let it cool for a while.

Garnish with Spring Onion.


Enjoyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2 thoughts on “Calamari / Squid Chilly Fry

  1. Never thought of doing squid in a pressure cooker–is that what you mean by cooker? It sounds delicious. I usually just sauté quickly with a lot of garlic and parsley but it can be pretty undigestible i.e., you can’t make a bolus in your mouth.


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