Squid Biryani & Chilly Fry

I am a big fan of squid i love to have in any form, i also do with stuff our Goan Special Rachado Masala it just drooling and ma mum cook so well, i really miss her food.

Well this is i though of doing something new with big Squid then i ended with Biryani i mostly made with shark fish coz it doesn’t has bone like other fish so coz of kids i prefer shark fish, well this i try with squid big one not the purple one coz when we cook it turn into small and flesh become so small.

So when i prepare it was yummy and ma kids just love coz and all spices i dont use in biryani coz ma kids dont like when having rice so i use while cooking rice in muslin cloth and then discard.

Well ma Squid Biryani & Chilly Fry listed below : –

Squid Biryani


Squid big one                          500 grm  (Cut into small cube)

Basmati Rice long                   2 cups

Saffron                                   Soak in 2 tbsp. of milk

Marinade for Squid  ( for 2hr.  to 3 hrs.)

Ginger  & Garlic paste     1 tbsp

Garma Masala                 3 tbs.

Fried Onion                      3 tbsp.

Mints leaves                    1 tbsp.

Fennel powder                1.5 tbsp

Yogurt                              3 tbsp

Salt to taste

Method for Squid :

Take a pot add oil and medium heat add the marinade squid add 1 cup of water ( I add more coz I want a bit gravy with biryani) and cook for 15 to 20 minutes.  Once it is done check and close the flame.

For Garnish

While the squid is cooking fried the onion ¾ cup cut the onion into long strip and fried till it turn to brown.

Fried onion          3/4 cup

Cilantro                 1/2 cup  ( chopped)

Mint                      1/2 cup, chopped

Fried cashews nuts   2 – 3 tbsp



Method for Cooking Rice :

Take a pot add water put 2 tbs. ghee and whole spices tied in muslin cloth  (Whole Spices – Cloves – 6, Whole pepper corns – 5 , Cinnamon Sticks – 2, Cardamom –  3, Bay leaves – 2, Mace –  4, star anise – 1). Add salt according to taste.

Don’t cook the rice too soft and see that it should not break the grain has to check the rice in between. Once the rice is done drain in the strainer and discard the spices. Let it cool for a while add 3 tbs. olive oil and keep a side.

Take a 1 bowl add half rice and soak saffron and mix well and keep a side mix well slowly see that the rice grain should not break.

Layering the Final all ingredient for Biryani.

Take a big glassware or pot  add ghee add first onion chopped cilantro, mint and cashew nut and squid and then add the white rice & Color rice layer and repeat the whole procedure till all rice & squid is done. Serve with squid chilly fry or with any gravy.


  • While mixing you can pour the gravy of the cook fish but I like dry on not wet so I don’t use gravy while mixing if need you can use the gravy it depend on each desire.
  • You can also garnish with boiled egg but I don’t.
  • Can also do with any fish as each person has different innovation and I use big squid and cook for 15 to 20 minutes coz it’s bit hard and coz of kids I cook little long but it turn awesome.

Squid Chilly Fry

Squid Chilly Fry.

Squid  purple color         3 grm. (Chopped into medium pieces)

Onion                              3 medium (Chopped into long strip)

Tomatoes                        2 medium (Chopped into long strip)

Green Chilly                    3 piece (chopped into long strip)

Garam Masala                3 tbsp.

Tomato Sauce                 2 tbsp.

Soy Sauce                       1.5 tbsp.

Coriander                        2 tbsp. (Chopped for garnish)

Spring Onion for garnish

Salt to taste



Take a frying pan add the chopped squid add ¼ cup water and let it cook for 8 minutes till water  is reduce and if water there don’t discard.

In the same pan add onion and sauté  till it is translucent then add the garam masala sauté for while then add tomatoes sauté for while then add tomato sauce, soy sauce and sauté for 3 second then add the cook squid and green chilly sauté for a while coz squid already cook before so no need to cook more.

Garnish with Coriander & Spring Onion Leave not Onion.


Squid Briyani



Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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