Cashews Fudge

Cashew Fudge / Kaju Katli this is a special indian Sweet and ma daughter favorite nut i alwys has dis beauty when i travel to goa coz we dont get here in Kuwait much and alwys want to make but never got to tempted to do well i came a cross many recipes but when i came a cross with ma dear Friend Sujatha Arun it was so tempting and inviting & couldn’t resist.

So i give a try and so happy to see that i did @ home and want to give a surprise to ma Princessss “Danica ” when she had she was so happy to taste but doesn’t image of what but when i disclose to her she was so surprise that Cashew Nut can turn into so Terrific and all Thank to darling Sujatha Arun for this Incredible recipe.

Health Tip: Cashew nuts also have a fatty acid profile that contributes to good health through phytosterols, tocopherols, and sqaulene, all of which lower the risk of heart disease, combined with the nut’s zero percent cholesterol content.



Cashew Nuts                           1 cup

Sugar                                      1/2 cup

Water                                     3 tbsp

Pistachio                                5 Piece (Peel and keep a side)

Nut meg                                1/2 tsp.


Take a grinder & add cashews nut and pistachio & grind it into fine paste or granulate paste.

Now take a pan add water and sugar and heat till sugar melt completely. Then add the grind paste of cashew and pista and stir it well to a medium heat for 5 to 6 minutes until it this leave then pan and form a ball.

Then take a bowl and gently knead to form a smooth dough. Then take a plate add the cashew fudge take a grease spoon and level it and keep for while and cut to desire shape.