Mango Mojito

Weekend Special & Summer already knock the door when I open the fridge door I saw some mango chunk was smile @ me and how can I ignore such a gorgeous smile, than thought of doing something special weekend drink for kids and had some lime accompany with mint took all together n blend n mix it in pitcher n had a refreshing drink ready. Well enjoy each sip of drink n mango is our kids favorite fruit too.

Ma Mango Mojito is noted below :


Ingredients :

Mints – Leaves 10 piece
Lime – 3
Mango – 2 cup ( Puree)
Water – 1/3 cup
Sugar – 4 tbsp.
Ice cube.


Method :

Take a blender add frozen mango puree in blender with 2 lime juice n 5 mints leaves & blend into smooth paste.

Cut a few thin slices of lime skine & some mint leaves take a pitcher add the thin  skin slice of lime n mint leaves & mango blend puree add sugar add some water if needed (according to consistency)

Add a few ice cubes and pour mango mojito to desire glass & garnish with lime n mint.


Love Linda.







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