Mint Lassi

Lassi is a popular, traditional, yogurt / curd  drink from India & pakistan. Lassi is nothing but blend of yogurt or curd, with any fruit, spices, it is savoury drink. Lassi can have @ along with food for lunch or dinner and prefect to kick for the summer this drink is aws. with combo of mint flavor and ma kids really enjoy i thought first not have but just for kids i add the sugar and add chopped mint leave just love da mint.

Try it to cool off on a hot & can also to start a hot day off with one at breakfast. This drink is super fresh, easy to drink, and majorly refreshing.

Mint is aws. ingredient, earlier i use dis beauty with cake, curry it was aws. well i just love the flavor of mint &  planing to do more combo with dis terrific beauty “Mint”.

Health Benefit :

An infusion of spearmint or peppermint tea can be given as a natural remedy for the common cold and flu. The infusion is prepared by pouring a pint of boiling water on one ounce of dried herb.

Ingredient for Mint Lassi is listed below :


Ingredients :

Curd  – 2 cup

Fresh Mint leave  – 3 tbsp. (chopped fine)

Ice Cube – 5 pieces

Sugar – 1 tbsp. (as required)

Mint for garnish.


Method :

Take a blender add curd, mint leaves 2 tbsp., ice, sugar and whisk to a smoothy & frothy.

Take a pitcher according to your choice add the mint fine chopped leave (1 tbsp.)

Mix well and take a glass according to your choice pour the mint lassi, garnish with mint.

Enjoy !

Love Linda<3

Note : Can replace sugar with honey and add according to your choice.






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