Pasta Parcel with Chocolate Glaze

Onion Roll, raddish parcel are the ultimate snack @ tea time. Crisp, light pastry parcel with pasta and load with spicy soya chunk, veggie or also can do filling with non veggie make the great snack @ kids tiffin box, office and at mid day.

Well this time I bake dis parcel coz of oil and healthy stuff coz deep fry have load of oil but if you want a healthier and simpler option you can bake them in the oven instead and get all the flavour with much less of the fat &  coz has to reduce preparing for summer holiday want to have a load once I be in goa for ma holiday just waiting.

Well this parcel not sure ma kids will love or not but still did this innovation and believe me they just said mama it aws. & did this beauty


@ facebook food group there was event of Contender and one person has to give 3 ingredients and i will get another food friend with 3 more ingredients and all together and gave me 6 ingredient i.e “Soya chunks, pasta, green pepper, chocolate, flour and cream”. Keeping in mind just innovation dis parcel and was planning what to prepare @ last did dis beauty.

This recipe is quite simple and crispy and load of flavors with simple filling of pasta and soya chunks

Ma ingredient for Pasta Parcel noted below :


Ingredient for Parcel

Flour  1 cup

Water ¾ cup

Vegetable oil  1 tsp.

Salt to taste

Ingredients for Filling : 

Pasta  1 cup

Soya Chunks  ¾ cup

Garlic cloves 3 pieces (chopped into small)

Green Pepper 1 medium (Chopped into long strip)

Onion  2 medium (Chopped )

Green Chilly   3 pieces (Chopped)

Tomatoes Paste  2 tbsp.

Vegetable oil  4 tbsp.

Grama Masala Pwd. 2 tbsp.

Salt to taste

Ingredients for chocolate glaze :

Heave cream  ¾  cup

Chocolate bar 3 pieces, chopped

Vanilla extract 1 tsp.

Method for Parcel  : 

Parcel : Take a bowl add the flour salt and water. Gently mix until it incorporated well add water accordingly and make a soft pliable dough apply 1 tsp oil cover  & keep a side for 5 to 10 minutes.

Method for Filling : 

Filling: Take a pot add the water when boil add pasta salt and oil 1 tbsp and cook in mean time cut one pasta when u see white dry in middle cook for another few minutes and drain & pass the cold water keep a side.

Now take a pan add oil at medium heat add chopped garlic and green chilly toss for second then add the onion and sauté till it is translucent then add the green pepper toss for second add grama masala, tomatoes paste, salt to taste sauté for while see that it should not burn coz of masala I don’t use water, then add pasta incorporate well and then close the flame and keep a side.

Method for Assembly : 

Assembly: Preheat the oven to 150° C. Now take a dough and make medium size balls take a rolling pin add some flour and roll it into circle put the cool pasta filling and fold according to your desire and seal the edges with water. And take a baking tray and bake to 15 to 20 minutes. And mean time for chocolate glaze.

Method for Chocolate glaze : 

Chocolate glaze : In a medium sized bowl add cream & chocolate and keep in double boiler and stir continuously and vanilla extract and mix until to the smooth glaze, let it cool.

Take a chocolate glaze into piping bag and glaze on the Pasta Parcel and Enjoy.

Take a plate add the Pasta Parcel with chocolate glaze add cream and some chocolate shaving.


Love Linda





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