Orange Mojito

Orange Mojito which is prefect for da season and with Mint is perfectly edible and refreshing. Rimming the glass is utterly pointless since the drink is meant to be drunk with a straw it real fun.

Adding the mint sprig as a garnish minimizes the mint in the drink & with lime too after a hot day coming from shopping, Parties, small get together work or kids after come frm. school dis is prefect & refreshing drink  for da season.

Ma is favorite all time “Mojito” whenever i go for shopping or @ home over weekend i do prepare different type of mojito and with rum ma ma cant have 😦 well here in middle east specially Q8 it’s not allow alcohol never mind well i m happy with lime & mint it’s a prefect combo.

Well if you urge to have orange juice do try dis tempting Mojito / to da guest try dis new innovation & sure one glass will not b enough, might b ask u da recipe too.

Health Benefit of Orange  :

1. Drinking orange juice regularly prevents kidney diseases and reduces the risk of kidney stones.

2. Oranges are full of vitamin C which protects cells by neutralizing free radicals.

Well ma ingredient as listed below :


Ingredients :

2 Cup Fresh Orange Juice

1/4 Cup lime juice

5 Fresh Mint leave

Ice Cube as required

2 tbs. Granulated Sugar (as required)

Lime for garnish.


Method :

Take a blender fresh mint leaves , ice, sugar and whisk for 2 second.

Take a pitcher according to your choice add the orange & lime juice, add the blend ingredient and stir well till it cooperate

Take a glass according to your choice pour the orange Mojito, garnish with lime / mint.

Enjoy !

LoVe LiNda !!!!!!!!!!!!





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