Cornflakes Chocolate Cookies

Corn flakes, a very popular breakfast cereal, which was originally manufactured by Kellogg’s, we can prepare a nutritious breakfast just like that in no time.

It is jiffy to prepare, it provides lot of energy, very nutritious, as well as healthy and tasty. Moreover, it is available almost everywhere, crisp, crunchy, and what a way to start the day with dis beauty.


There are different flavors but today to make chocolate cornflakes I use plan one and really a treat for the kids.

Ma kids was bit bore to have the cornflakes and ma friend “Chitra Drchdietfood” has posted the cornflakes chocolate cookies and without a second thought I just try her recipe and believe me ma kids do enjoy and so glad, want to try the second batch soon.

You can also reach to her @ do visit her blog she has more healthy collection too.



2 Cup Cornflakes

275 grm. Dark  chocolate

1 tbsp. Butter (optional)

Almond for garnish



Method :

Line the muffin tray with paper or foil liners & keep aside.

Take a pot add water now take a bowl add the chocolate (break into small piece), place the bowl above the pot, see the bowl should not touch the water and let chocolate melt add butter and stir continuously till the chocolate melt.

Now put off the heat add the cornflakes in the melted chocolate and mix well with a spatula, till it coat the cornflakes with chocolate but do not over mix or crash cornflakes too much.

Scoop a tablespoon of mix into a muffin tray. Leave in the fridge for 30 mins.

Take a Plate add the Cornflakes Cookies and garnish with Almond.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recipe inspired by Chitra 




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