French Toast with Caramalized Banana

French toast, also known as eggy bread, gypsy toast, German toast, or Spanish toast is a dish of bread dip in the milk and egg, with a caramelized banana & Chocolate.

French Toast to start a prefect beautiful weekend who can say “No” to sinful breaky,  take a french toast, add caramelized banana & squiz fold bite it & dont miss to lick it & enjoy da evey bit, with a chilled Cold Coffee for da prefect season.

O Yes it was over a weekend this was ma story we just relish. This was ma story. Do try dis amazing beauty.

Duration : 00:05 :00
Preparation time : 11-15 minutes
Cooking time : 11-15 minutes
Course : Snack
Cuisine : Mediterranean

Ingredients :

4 Brown frankfurt bread /  slices

1 Eggs

2 tbsp Sugar / honey

3/4 Cup Milk

Salt to taste

Garnish – Hershey Chocolate Syrup

Ingredients for Banana Carmarlized

1 Banana – chopped according to desire

3 tbsp Sugar

Ingredients for Cold Coffee :

4 cup chilled milk

2 tbsp. Coffee

3 ice cube

Sugar according to taste

Method for French Toast :

Take a bowl add egg, milk & sugar / honey and whisk well.

Take a brown frankfurt bread / slice cut into too pice each & keep a side.

Take a pan at low flame, apply some butter, take the brown dip into milk mixture dont dip long coz it turn to soggy  and cook until golden brown, approximately 2 to 3 minutes per side.

Remove from pan and place on plate. Repeat with all remaining bread / slices.

Method for Caramelized Banana

Take pan add sugar add slice banana let it caramelized.

Then add the caramelized banana on French Toast. Squiz Hershey Chocolate Syrup, fold bite it lick it and have da divine beauty.

Method for Cold Coffee :

Take a blender add all coffee ingredients and blend for 2 second.

Take a mug or tall glass and pour gently the Cold Coffee. Sprinkle some coffee and relish every sip.

Serve immediately with a Cuppa Cold Coffee.




Linda Ferns


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