Strawberry Falooda

Falooda is a popular beverage in India. This chilled drink is the perfect way to cool off in the summer heat. It’s flavor just terrific and can also add vermercilin and ice-cream.


I just refresh the memories as a kids and till start going college, i use to just relish dis beauty, in margoa (Goa) we never miss to have a tall glass of falooda and dollop of ice-cream. It’s a prefect drink for summer and special here @ Kuwait ma Jesus unbearable summer so really need tall 2 glasses for sure :-). Do try and relish dis pink beauty with dollop of Strawberry ice-cream.

Falooda ingredients noted below :

Ingredients :

2 tbsp. Basil Seeds 

3 tbsp. Strawberry Syrup 

2 Cup Milk (chilled) 

4 tbsp Sugar.

Method :

Take a glass add basil seeds add water till it cover the seeds &  keep a side for 20 minutes till they swell.

Take a blender add Milk, Strawberry Syrup & Sugar, blend well till spumy. Excess the water from basil seed with a tea strainer and keep aside.

Take a tall, broad mouth glass. To this first add the basil seed, then pour the chilled blend falooda.

Garnish with some drop of strawberry syrup. 

Serve immediately and give a gentle stir & relish.






Linda Ferns


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