Stuffed Eggs

Stuffed Eggs are nutritious and always welcome appetizer, add these classic Stuffed eggs to your holiday or party menu,  “These eggs Halves are actually also can serve without frying just stuffed also and prefect for the fussy kids,. They are extremely easy to make.


The Filling of stuffed eggs is so delicious and nutritious too with panner and eggs yolks and just melt in the mouth, it’s prefect for the kids lunch box as well, i just love the aroma of fresh coriander and when you have the crunch of onion, green chilly and fresh coriander and can’t explain more so friend if you are impress my recipe of stuffed eggs, do try and relish every bite.

When you try dont forget to give the feedback, i will be glad to hear, you can also reach me to Facebook page @ Linda Creation

Let get start recipe noted below:


6 Eggs –  boiled

1 Large Onion (Chopped fine)

1 tbsp. Ginger & Garlic Paste

1 ½ tbsp. Paneer

1 tbsp. Fresh Coriander

1 big Fresh Chilly

1 tbsp. Garma Masala

1 Egg.

2 tbsp. Rava (If required more)

3 Carrot round slice – for garnish

Few Fresh Mint – for garnish


Oil for Frying.

Method :
Boil and keep the eggs in chilled water let it cool completely, then peel the shell nicely, and cut into two long halves

Remove yolks carefully to small bowl (Mash), reserve whites, keep both  separately.

Heat the Pan add oil at medium heat add onion, sauté light brown don’t, then add ginger and garlic paste sauté for while, then add the garam masala sauté nicely it should not burn stir then add paneer, and stir nicely and cook for 4 minutes, let is cook add salt, sauté add eggs yolk for few second and green chilies, switch off the flame.

Take this filling into a bowl add fresh coriander and incorporate nicely, let it cool, in meantime, take a bowl add egg 1 tbsp. water, salt and beat nicely keep a side, take a plate add rava and keep a side, let get back to eggs filling.

Take Eggs halves and fill 1 tsp. of filling to both the eggs halves , if you want you can fill in one side, but I feel both side and seal by keep each other both egg, and continue with other eggs, now deep the egg in beaten egg and roll in rava & shallow fry both side for 3 minutes or until light brown,. Drain on paper toweling.

Serve hot, garnished with Carrot & Mint.

Relish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Note :

The filling of eggs Yolk & Paneer can also use for stuffed bread or Chapatti








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