Alle Belle / Stuffed Pancakes

Everyone knows about crepes, but today let me introduce you goan crepes  stuffed with fresh grated coconut and they are called Goan Coconut Pancakes or Alle Belle, it a melting moment treat at tea time / Breakfast, with a cuppa black tea.


I still remember the time my mum use to prepare & serve at evening tea time, and relish this beauty and love the coconut and jaggery fill I use to have directly with filling the pancakes :-P, as I am great fan of coconut I can have in any form, today for these dish I add another favorite ingredient that is the King of Fruit, may be all of know that, O Yes that is “ Mango “  actually it is optional ingredient if you like can but original recipe it is not added.


I Love to make this Alle Belle  at home everyone relish this tea time melting moment, and enjoy preparing time, mix the ingredient of filling then make a crepes, take a frying pan , pour batter and turn the frying pan to form a round pancake slowly or with the spoon also you can make, and flip the crepes and put a tablespoon of filling to the end and roll it, hold it and relish the melting moment with a cuppa black tea.

Well my ingredient for the Melting Alle Belle is noted below :



1 cup of flour

1 egg

Water to make a paste

Salt for seasoning

Butter to fry / oil

Ingredient for the filling

1 Fresh Coconut grated

¾ Cup jaggery

3 tbsp. Mango Puree (optional)


In a bowl mix the flour, egg salt add little water to form a thin pancake batter, keep a side.

Take bowl add grated coconut, mango puree and jaggery mix thoroughly and keep a side.

Heat a frying pan  at medium heat, add little butter / oil a drop, over the pan and batter and spread all over the frying pan, or you can slow turn the pan in circular motion to form a crepes it’s really a fun, or you can do with spoon as well, when the crepes done just check turn it should be light pale color, not brown, then flip over.

When done on both the sides, remove on a plate, take a tbsp of filling and put in the edge of crepes and fold it to form a rolls, continue the same procedure with remaining batter.

Serve with a Cuppa Black Tea, and relish in Balcony 😛

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Linda.

Note :

To add mango is optional it depend for original recipe it is not add.

For Jaggery you can add any one Brown or Black one, according to each choice.

Alle Belle / Stuffed Pancakes


Alle Belle / Stuffed Pancakes


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