Pear Lemonade

Pear juicy and sugary, pears are prefect to make Lemonade on hot summer day or to kickoff the day too, these Lemonade is prefect with a Lime and Mint is terrific combo.

Here in Kuwait the Summer is so bad really need a chilled lemonade drink at any time I can say it’s unbearable weather, well after coming from office really wanted to have a drink, when I open fridge just saw the pears, and just took  pears, with lime and mint as it is always in my drink, it my favorite ingredient as I am a great lover of Lime and Mint.

So took a pitcher add water, sugary pears thin slices, lime juice, mint and a  dash of sugar (you can add more as it depend on each choice) corporate well all the ingredients and took a tall glass, believe me it was just refreshing, and prefect drink on hot summer day.

Pear Lemonade

Ingredients : 

6 cups of chilled water

2 Pear small , thinly sliced

4 tbsp lime juice

3 tbsp caster sugar

5  mint leaves. Chopped roughly


Method : 

Rinse pears and mint very well before slice thinly & chopped roughly.

Take a pitcher add water, along with lime juice, pears, fresh mint & sugar stir well

Take a tall glass or according to your choice & pour the pears lemonade in the glass and here you have your nicely flavored  & refreshing lemonade!

Note :

Can also add ice cube I don’t use as I use chilled water.

Can also use honey instead of sugar.

Pear Lemonade


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