Shell Pasta with Soya Chunk

Shell pasta are pretty, and sure kids love it too, there are verities of pasta and we can cook them in different fusion with veggie  or with non-veg., it’s a jiffy to cook once, all the ingredients is ready, Earlier I cook soya chunk with elbow pasta with different way, today I share with shell pasta with tomato fusion, and veggie, as you can add different veggie.

Shell Pasta

My kids just love pasta, and prepare them as they refuse to have veggie and hence I can cook them pasta with load of veggie, as they cant say no to have yumicilious pasta, I give them soya chunk in pasta, by intro them as dry chicken chunk, soya chunks, do not have much flavor, but when you cook, they absorb sauces, spices and flavorings terrific. I make soyan chunks with pasta or with snacks for their lunch box also check here.


I am sure kids doesn’t like to have soya chunk , but when you add with pasta no kids can refuse it, So these recipe to all the mom who’s kids refuse for veggie and soya chunk, with load of nutritious, it is High in protein, it is also good for Cholesterol.

Ingredients : 

Pasta  300 grm.

Soya Chunks  1/2 cup

Garlic cloves 3 pieces (chopped into small)

Green Pepper 1 big (Chopped into long strip)

Tomato 1 medium (chopped into long strip)

Green Chilly   3 pieces (Chopped)

Chilly Pwd. 1 tsp.

Turmeric Pwd. 1 tsp.

Coriander Pwd. 1 tsp.

Tomatoes Paste  3 tbsp.

Soya Sauce 1 tbsp.

Vegetable oil  4 tbsp.

Salt to taste

Method : 

Take a pot add the water, when start boiling,  add shell pasta & salt, oil 1 tbsp and cook in mean time chopped, green pepper, onion and tomatoes,  garlic, green chilly keep a side.

Take a bowl add hot boiling water add soya chunk and keep for 10 minutes & then discard the water let it cool for while, chopped the soya chunks into strip or according to desire.

In middle check the pasta if it is done, take one pasta and cut and see if it  dry in middle cook for another few minutes and drain & pass the cold water keep aside.

Take wide bottom pan add oil, at medium heat add chopped garlic and green chilly toss for 30 second, then add the onion and sauté till it is translucent, add green pepper toss for second don’t cook more it will be soft not crunchy, add turmeric pwd., coriander pwd., chilly pwd., toss for a second, add tomatoes paste & soya sauce,  salt to taste, sauté then add 3 tbsp. of water add soya chunk let it cook for while.

Now add cook pasta incorporate well let it cook for while, stir in middle, close the flame let it cool for some time.

Take a plate add the pasta & relish.


Note :

Tomato paste can also make at home blanch fresh tomatoes, let it cool, then peel, and blend them into puree, & tomatoes paste is ready.

Can also use oregano for pasta it’s depend on each choice.

Can load more veggies also in the pasta, according to choice.

Shell Pasta wit Soya-Chunk

Shell Pasta  & Soya Chunk

Shell Pastas


15 thoughts on “Shell Pasta with Soya Chunk

  1. Mmmm soooo good.I love pasta and this one would make such a good lunch for a Meat Free Monday! Soya chunks are so tasty!I love to have them in creamy tomato sauce or sometimes as Vindaloo!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes very delicious that you can even eat your fingers if you’re having them with hot puris.. 😍😁 Have you tried the Vindaloo one,it is sota chunks in pickles spice mix 👌😀

        Liked by 1 person

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