Rice Pudding / Kheer

Rice Pudding / Kheer, “Kheer” is is denotes in Hindi, it is a South Asian rice pudding, and very popular sweet in India, It is known by various names in different regions of India each having minor different regional preparation style, which is cook at low simmer, with milk  / condense milk, along with rice, broken wheat, tapioca sago sabudana  or vermicelli, which the milk has been reduce by half during the cooking process to produce a thick creamy texture, this rice pudding rules the roost. You might even call it the King of the Indian sweet puddings. 

Rice Pudding / Kheer

The Cardamom-scented, it owes it’s particular richness to inclusion of whole milk, and then garnish with dry fruits. It is typically served during a meal or as a dessert.


First I use to prepare rice pudding with whole rice grain, but when my beautiful friend “Shab Shaikh”, brought me, during Ramadan, I was speechless to have the divine dish, then she explain me the whole ingredient & method how to prepare, she also use to add condense milk, but I don’t add today and it rich texture, with the aroma of cardamom and taste, Thank to my beautiful friend I really miss her & her amazing dishes. As we change the transportation. 😦

Ingredients : 

1 liter full fat milk

¼ cup basmati rice

5 to 6 tbsp sugar / brown sugar – as required

4 green Cardamoms powder

2 tbsp. Vermicelli (optional)

2 tbsp. Tapioca Sago Sabudana

10 to 15 almonds – sliced

¼ Cup Fresh coconut – sliced into long strip.


Method :

Rise the rice till the water runs clear of the starch, and soak the rice for 30 minutes, and then let it dry on the clean clothe for 10 – 15 minutes then grind into coarsely.

Wash and cook the tapioca sago sabudana till it turn to jelly form, keep a side, slice the almond and fresh coconut.

Take a wide pot add milk, let it heat and come to a boil, reduce the flame add the granulated grind rice and stir and simmer the milk and let the rice grains cook, after 20 minutes add vermicelli, and stir keep an eye, it might burn to base, then add the vermicelli, and stir, the whole process will take approximately 35 – 37 minutes,

Now add sabudana, and stir for 5 – 6 minutes, when the rice is done ¾ add sugar and cardamom powder, stir continue often, so that lumps will formed, scrape the side of the pan, check the sugar, switch off the flame and almond and keep some to garnish later.

Let it cool or also can have warm garnish with fresh coconut and almond and relish the sinful beauty.

Rice Pudding / Kheer

Note :

1. Can also add any dry fruit according to each choice.

2. Rice pudding /  kheer, stays in refrigerator for 1 – 2 days.

3. Check the consistency if you like thick or liquidy, if you need liquidy add little milk.

Rice Pudding / Kheer


17 thoughts on “Rice Pudding / Kheer

  1. It is very popular in the place where I live ( Coastal Karnataka) . It is served in most of the special occasions. Adding dry fruits is getting popular these days. However the cardamom scent is essential part.

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