Goan Beef Stew / Pasta with Veggies

Stew is a goan traditional  dish, it is nothing  but veggies & meat are  is boil separately, and then incorporated  well with spices,  it is a side dish of the family for feasts or special occasions. It does have many steps but it is the only dish you need to cook as it is an entire meal in a bowl.


Stew there are various  recipe some add milk, while cooking  and some add three meat  that is pork, beef and chicken,  some  use only beef & chicken as well, even some use corn flour dilute  with water and add for creamy texture but I never tried.


Well today  I share today my mum recipe  which i relish when I was a kids, and she doesn’t  use milk, and when there was feast or any function  my mum use to cook it a day ahead, where she learn from her mum, she believe that it taste better than same day cook.
This is a soul food  where you can relish  every  bit, with the spices cooked well with each veggies  and meat, I personally  love the tantalising aroma,  and now my kids relish my traditional  goan food glad they  just love every  bit.

Ingredients :

500 grm macroni (Elbow  macroni)

200 grm. beef

200 grm.  Chicken – boil

150 gms carrots

150 gms potatoes

150 gms green peas

150gms. French Beans

3 medium  onions (chopped fine)

100 gms tomatoes

1 tbsp. Garam masala pwd.

10 cloves

3″ inches cinnamon

Maggie cube

Blend to granulated Coarsely  paste with little  water.

3 inch  piece cinnamon

8 Garlic Cloves.

Method :

Chopped the onions into fine, and keep a side, chopped  carrot, french  beans, potatoes  and keep a side. Meantime  let’s  cook the beef.

Take a cooker add beef, salt or 1 Maggie cube,  and 2 cup of water and cook beef, with three whistle close the flame, don’t discard the stock, in same stock cook the vegetable, one by one, cook potatoes don’t  over cook,  then remove it , then add carrot, french bean & then green peas. while vegetables is cooking, let blend  the cloves & cinnamon  to granulates paste. Once vegetables  finish, let get to start assembling.

Take a bottom pot add oil let it  heat to medium  add cinnamon & cloves saute for while, then add chopped  onion and saute  till it turn to translucent  then add chopped tomatoes and fry till is mushy.

Take a wide pot add 4 cup water salt, and 3 tbsp. Oil and cook, when it boil add elbow  macroni and cook till it done, meantime  let’s  blend paste.

Now add blend paste garlic and cinnamon, saute for while till it raw smell disappear, then add garam masala, Maggie cube  1 piece, and incorporate well then add boil veggies  and beef, add remaining stock and let it cook for 10 minutes,  check the salt, if required  add according  to taste, add last boil elbow macroni  and incorporate well.

Let it cook for 3 second and close the flame.

Serve hot, and relish  every bit.

Linda Ferns






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