Bhaji / Pakodas with Spice Tea

Bhaji / Pakodas , is very popular from street food in India it is called Pakodi / Pakodas/ Bhaji – we goan call it in Konkani and Potatoes /Batatachi Kappa, well batata mean potatoes  in Konkani  & Kappa mean slice we call in Konkani.The word pakodas  is derived from Sanskrit.  It is fried snack fitter, with besan / gram flour, with spice and mix with onion and potatoes well.

This pakodas are also done with vegetable that is deep fried is suffixed with pakodas. For instance, can do with potato palodas / cuppa is sliced potato wrapped in batter and deep fried. And serve with cilantro / mint chutney.

Bhaji / Pakodas

Spice Tea I use Cardamon and Ginger, cardamom is good for digestive, mostly cardamom tea has been intake after meals to aid digestion, it also contains a natural antibacterial quality, and it helps to get rid dental bacteria, a cup of cardamom tea can be beneficial for treating bad breath, ginger help to Losing weight & most significantly positive things, specially those who want to reduce some kilos 😛 can include into their diet, it also good for pregnant women, intake when they are suffering from morning sickness, it  has anti-inflammatory properties and thus may help relieve muscle soreness.,

When ever my family has flu, I always make a ginger tea, or you can also take a juice of ginger and some honey and have like a syrup. I also give my 7 to 9 yrs, kids it’s very effective. When I was child we use to relish this beauty in goan street food, with a Kappa of Spice Tea, my mum use to make at home, and it goes well in monsoon season, fried both pakodas with onion and with potatoes , so today I share my mum recipe that I use to relish when I was child and today my kids relish this goan street food Bhaji / Kappa.

Ingredients for Bhaji / Pakodas : 

½  Cup Besan / Gram flour

1 tsp Red chilly powder

1 tsp  Fennel Seed / Ajwan

½ tsp Turmeric powder

2 Green chilly – Chopped strip

4 Onion  – chopped strip

Few Fresh Cilantro – chopped



Chopped onion length wise, chilly and fresh cilantro, take a bowl add onion, granny chilly and salt and mix well, then add besan / gram flour add water, turmeric pwd, fennel seeds/ ajwan red chilly pwd. and water little by little and make thick consistency batter, adjust with salt.

Take a skillet, keep on flame add oil and let it heat at medium and drop 1 tbsp of batter, and let it fry till it golden brown and fry both side., and enjoy very crispy on the outside and medium soft to crisp inside.

For Potatoes Kappa :

Ingredients for Potatoes Kappa Plain :

2 medium Potatoes

3/4 cup Besan / Gram flour

1/2 tsp. chilly pwd.


Method :

Peel the potatoes and slice, Take a bowl add gram flour, chilly pwd add water and salt,  make a thick consistency liquidy batter.

Keep a skillet add oil, and let it heat, meantime take the slice potatoes dip into batter and coated nicely, and let oil heat medium and deep fry both the side till golden brown.


Ingredients for Potatoes Kappa with Rava :

2 medium Potatoes

3/4 cup Rava

1/2 tsp. chilly pwd.

1/2 tsp. chilly pwd.

Method : 

Peel the potatoes and slice, Take a plate add rava, turmeric pwd., chilly pwd, and add salt keep a side.

Keep a skillet add oil, and let it heat, meantime take the slice potatoes apply rava mixture to both side coated nicely, and let oil heat medium and shallow fry both the side till golden brown. This also can serve with food. Potatoes Cuppa with Rava 1437392805869

Masala Tea is noted below


Masala Tea Ingredients  :
3 Cup Milk
1 1/2  Cup water
1/2 tbsp tea pwd.

1/2 inch Ginger
4 Cardamon


Method :

Take a mortar and crush ginger and cardamon together and keep a side.

Take a small pot add milk, water and crush ginger and cardamon, (add more according to each choice) and let it simmer on low heat, for second then add tea pwd. (according to each choice), and simmer for 4 minutes and switch off the flame all together 5 minutes to cook, strain the tea, add sugar (according to taste)

Serve with Bhaji / Pakodas  with Mint / Cilantro Chutney or with Mayonnaise (tomato & Chilly) & Hot cuppa Masala Spice Tea.

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