Prawns & Ladyfinger Curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi

Prawns & Ladyfinger curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi  Sungta mean Prawns, Ani – Mean and, Bhende -mean Ladyfingers, Kodi – mean Curry,  in Goa Konkani, which is very popular in Goa, which is serve in a regular & normal meal, without fish curry or seafood the goan food is a incomplete meal, this curry is very special as coconut is used and I am a big fan of coconut and pretty sure like me many more out there, this curry is special ground the ingredient on granite stone a Traditional Goan Blender, I still remember my granny and my mum use to blend this curry paste on granite stone, which can’t be compare with any brand of blender. It has a unique flavor and blend so well and a relish treat.
Prawns & Ladyfinger Curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi
This curry normally prepare in Clay Pot – which is called Kundle in Goan Konkani, and that taste & flavor speechless, the curry /kodi paste is ground with fresh coconut, cumin seeds, coriander seed, peppercorns, red kashmiri chillis, and cloves, blend to smooth paste, and saute the onion and tomatoes, and add the blend ingredient along with ladyfingers and prawns, Kokum /Gracinia Indica and dash of sugar, the house is full with the aroma, and I am so hungry before the outcome, and really feel so thirsty to sip a big spoon really I love to have sip of coconut curry 😛 , at home every plates are wash, before I clean whenever I prepare this beauty meal.
Health Benefit for Kokum / Gracinia Indica :
  • Kokum / Gracinia Indica is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, it helps to minimize the impact of many disease.
  • It is also used for allergic rashes on the skin, it is also use for indigestion, the Kokum is mix along with black pepper and salt and drink.
  • I still remember every Goan Restaurant Kokum water is serve and i always relish.
Curry Recipe Courtesy : Alves Fernandes @deliciousmemorieswithalves
Chicken Recipe Courtesy : Shreeya Roy 
Prawns & Ladyfinger Curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi
200 gms Prawns – clean and de-vein prawns  & apply salt keep a side.
100 gms lady fingers – clean and cut into 1” inch pieces.
1  Medium Onion
4 -5 Kokum (Bhirnda Sol / Garcinia indica)
Dash of Sugar
Fresh Coconut Slices for Garnish.
Salt / Maggie to taste
Blend into Smooth Paste:
½  Cup Fresh grated Coconut
7  Kashmiri Chilies (de-seeded if you don’t like spicy)
½ tsp Turmeric Powder
1 ½ tbsp. Coriander Seeds
½ tsp Cumin seeds
8  Peppercorn
3 Garlic Cloves
Prawns & Ladyfinger Curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi
Take a blender add the blend ingredient add little water and blend to smooth paste, meantime chopped the onion and tomato to small, cut the ladyfinger 2’ inch and keep a side.
Take a bottom pan add oil, let is heat to medium heat, then add chopped onion and sauté till it turn translucent, add tomato sauté till it turn mushy.
Add the blend masala and sauté till the oil separates, stir often, add the prawns and 1 cup of water in blender and rinse the blender add to curry paste and let it simmer for while then add ladyfinger & Kokum.
Let the curry simmer at low flame,  let it cook 7 – 8 minutes, bring the curry to boil, adjust with salt and curry consistency if required add more, add a dash of sugar and let it cook till the prawns and ladyfinger done (don’t not overcook the prawns and ladyfinger) switch off the flame.
Chicken Stir Fry with Pepper
Ingredients for Chicken Stir Fry with Pepper
2 Chicken breast boneless
For Coating
1 ½  tbsp Rice Flour /
2 tbsp Maida (APF – All Purpose Flour)
Ingredient for Assembling :
3 Cloves of Garlic
3 Fresh Red Chilly
3 tbsp Pepper Pwd.
Chicken Stir Fry with Pepper
Method :
Rinse the Chicken under running tap water, cut into medium pieces or desire pieces, apply salt and keep a side.
Take a Zip lock bag add flour and chicken and give a quick shack till it chicken coat well with flour.
Chopped the garlic cloves into fine and Red fresh chilly and keep a side.
Take a Skillet add oil, let is heat at medium then add the chicken coated with flour, and deep fry till it turn golden brown (3 minutes each side then flip to other all together 6 minutes)
Take a wok add 2 tbsp. oil let is heat, add chopped garlic toss for few second, add red fresh chilly toss for second add pepper and chicken and toss for 3 minutes check the salt according to taste & Switch the Flame.
Serve with Prawns & Ladyfingers Curry garnish with fresh coconut, Relish every bit.
Love & Prayers
❤ Linda ❤
Prawns & Ladyfinger Curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi
Prawns & Ladyfinger Curry / Sungta Ani Bhende Kodi

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