Pork Chops with White Stem Rice

Hello Friend after a long break and here I am back, with lot of memories and load of food secrete from both my mum, we many of you’ll know I had gone for holidays and really believe me it’s was amazing and felt like the days was so short, felt like to stay back too L as we miss many thing, but these is life has to go on.

It’s was raining season in August and we enjoyed the fullest, kids just love to have fun in rain and didn’t left a stone to enjoyed and wanted to stay back, free of tension and load of friends, break from studies as well. Some Capture of Vacation.

Goa Memories

Goa Memories

Goa Memories

Goa Memories

Goa Memories

I too enjoy with load of food from mums and sis-in-law it was a treat for me I can say, and many thing I learnt from my both mum and sis-in-law they cooking are quite different then my mum and procedure  as well but really enjoyed  treat from breakfast to dinner.

Today I share goa memories of Pork Chop which I cook with green masala, it was terrific and  the meat was so juicy and  family relish every bite, well  was waiting to cook with pork from a long time and the wise come true when I been to goa, can also make this chop with bit thick gravy or dry as well, it goes well with  Indian flat bread or any other flat bread. It was a bit long procedure bit worth it once you taste and  full house with the aroma while grilling.

So let’s begin with the recipe it’s very simple I had done many time this green masala I use similar, and apply and kept overnight and grill the next day it coat well to the meat every bite could feel the taste, it’s Goan Cuisine. So for the Green Masala you need.  

Pork Chops

Pork Chops

Ingredients :

6 Pork Chops / Mutton Chops

(Wash and apply salt keep a side)

Masala to Grind :

One Big bunch of  Fresh coriander

½ Cup Mint Leaves

3 Green Chilies

6  Garlic Cloves

1”  Ginger Piece

6 peppercorns

½” cinnamon

5 cloves

1 tsp. Cumin

1 tsp Turmeric Powder

Vinegar to grind

Pork Marination

Method :

Take a blender and the grind masala ingredients add vinegar and grind into smooth paste.

Add the ground masala into pork chops / mutton chops and rub well, and marinate over night or 3 to 4 hrs. but I feel over night marinating taste better.

Pre~heat the oven to 150° C, once it heat keep the marinate pork / mutton chops and grill over 45 to 50 minutes, after 25 minutes flip over and let it grill for 25 minutes more, check the meat is done take a knife and put a small cut to meat when the see the meat juice is white it is done if it is red let it grill for more 5 to 10 minutes.

Take the chops in the plate add some onion, tomato and green chilly with sprinkle of vinegar and salt and relish every bite, serve with white rice and coconut curry of cauliflower.

Pork Chops

Pork Chops with White Stem Rice

Cauliflower with Coconut Milk

Ingredients :

500 grm. Cauliflower

2 Medium Onion (chopped into lengthwise)

1 Tomato (chopped into small cube)

3 Fresh Chilly Chopped

4 Pieces of  Fresh Curry leave  (optional)

2 tbsp. Dry Prawns

Tamarind water – 2 tbsp.

Salt to taste.

Blend to Smooth Paste as listed :

1 Fresh Coconut grated (Medium Size)

1 tbsp. Coriander dry

1 tsp. Cumin

5 Cloves of Garlic

1 tsp. Turmeric powder

Cauliflower Curry

Method :

Separate the flower of cauliflower into desire pieces, into medium don’t make too small, take a bowl add water and salt add the cauliflower and keep for 10 to 15 minutes to kill any insect. (This tip from my granny).
Take a blender add blend ingredient and little water and grind into smooth paste, which blending the ingredient chop the onion , tomato and  fresh chilly and keep a side .
Then take a bowl keep the strainer (fine hole) pour the ground smooth paste, into strainer and extract the thick juice of coconut along with other ingredients and keep a side.
In a large skillet, heat oil  at medium heat add curry leave saute for second, then add chopped onion saute till it turn to translucent, add the tomato saute for while till mushy, add the extract coconut juice let it cook for few minutes then add cauliflower discard the water, add salt let it cook for while add tamarind juice along with dry prawns.
After 5 minutes check the salt add a pinch of sugar and chopped fresh chilly cook for second and switch off the flame.  
Serve hot with white steam rice along with pork chops and onion salad .


Onion Salad

Ingredients :

4 Fresh Onion

1 Big Tomato

2 Fresh Green Chilly

3 tbsp. Vinegar

Salt to taste

Method :

Chop onion, green chilly and tomato lengthwise, take a bowl add all chopped ingredients mix well add vinegar and salt, serve with rice or Pulao.

Note : 

These Chop can be done with Beef / Mutton also and can make with thick gravy or grill it depend on each desire.

After marination for meat it’s good to keep over night for better result.


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  1. Omg seeing on WordPress after such a long time! This recipe is awesome..do u think it’ll turn out so well if u use mutton chops instead cause I’m not used to eating pork…?

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