Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur

Another popular goan Jewel, from Goan Cuisine it’s none other than Dry Prawns Salad / Suki Sungta Kismur,  well I prepare for our dinner this delicious salad or kismur, in Goan Konkani we call it  Sukhi / and in English you’ll must know it’s called dry, Sungta in Goan translation and in English Prawns, Kismur in Goan Cuisine and in English it’s called Salad.

Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur

Goan, meal is incompletely without  seafood, and in monsoon it very difficult to get fish because of heavy shower 🙂  I mean heavy rain, so every goan home pantry is stock with dry fish, fish pickles, etc…,  so that they can utilized them in monsoon, this dry prawns salad / sukha sungta kismur.

It can prepare with any dry fish it taste outstanding with spices & tangy flavor, can use lime juice or home made vinegar, salad is prepared dry but i has done bit twist with little gravy, but believe me there was not much difference. This salad is accomplish with hot puri , white rice with sorak mean plan coconut curry in English, with dry prawns salad was just outstanding, if you too tempted like me do try and relish.

When i saw David post I was so tempted to give a try, you can also make dry to reach to David innovation here

Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur

Let’s begin with ingredient’s and method & relish the tempting Salad / Kismur.

Ingredients :

½ Cup cleaned dry Prawns (Sukhi Sungta)

1 tbsp. Lime Juice

1 tsp. Red Chilly Pwd. (I used Kashmiri Pwd.)

2  Piece of kokum (binda Sol)

¼ tsp. Turmeric Pwd.

1 ½ tspz. Vegetable oil

1 large onion (chopped length wise)

1/2 tsp. mustard seed

½ cup fresh grated coconut

4 tbsp. water. (optional).

1 tbsp. fresh coriander – for garnish

1 big fresh red / green chilly – for garnish

Salt to taste.

Method :

  1. Clean the dry prawns / Sungta, well and keep a side.
  2. Heat skillet add oil at medium heat add mustard seed let it crack then add chopped onion and toss for second, add chilly & turmeric pwd., kokum (binda sol) and toss for 2 minutes.
  3. Add dry prawns, add 4 tbsp. of water, add salt, let it cook for 1 minutes, so the dry prawns flavor with spices and tangy.
  4. Switch off the flame let it cool for a while take a bowl add grated coconut, add dry prawns, squeeze lime, incorporate well, check the salt if required add according to taste.
  5. Garnish with fresh chopped coriander and fresh red chilly.
  6. Serve with hot puri / chapattis / plan white rice with sorak, relish every bite.

Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur

Note :

  1. Can also use bit big prawn, if baby dry prawns not available.
  2. To add water is optional, traditional recipe water is not added, i wanted bit gravy so add.
  3. If required dry then, sauté dry prawns with little only till it is crispy, let it cool then assemble with fresh grated coconut.
  4. Add less salt as the prawns already has salt, add accordingly.

Love & Prayers, 

Linda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur

Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur


23 thoughts on “Dry Prawns Salad / Sukhi Sungta Kismur

      1. Its like dry prawn, small onions, green chilly, little tamarind and chilly powder and turmeric powder. Crush it all together and then add the sun dried prawns! salt also!! 😛 Linda I love your food!!

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