Xacuti / Shakuti Ground Masala

It’s  a Goan Traditional gem and very popular in coastal (Goan and Konkan) preparing with of Chicken, mutton & Veggie as well. It’s bit Spicy, tangy full of flavor. The Goan Xacuti masala is very famous and it’s prepare to every goan festival, like birthday, wedding, parties and picnic. It is very popular and traditional recipe every goan don’t miss to prepare in any function along, with Vindaloo, Sorpotel, Sanna, Pulao, and many more, This Xacuti can also prepare with complex spicing, including white poppy seeds incase poppy seeds not available then substitute with un-salted peanuts, fresh grated coconut and large dried red chilies.

This recipe can also prepare and keep for 3 days and more for working mum it’s very jiffy to prepare with veggie and non-veggie food, and sure most people searching for goan cuisine food do try this recipe and enjoy every bite.

Xacuti / Shakuti Ground Masala

So here below recipe for “Xacuti / Shakuti” ground masala for 500 grams can be prepare with veggie or non-veggie too.

Ingredient’s  :

1 Cup Fresh Grated Coconut

2 dried kashmiri chillies

1/2 tsp cumin seeds

2 Green Cardamoms

1 tsp coriander seeds

½ tsp. Fennel Seeds

1/2 Mace (javetri)

1  Star anise

3 cloves

4 peppercorns

½  inch piece of cinnamon

3 – 4 curry leaves

1 tsp peanuts  / Poppy Seeds (unsalted – peanuts)

1 tsp turmeric

4 clove of garlic

½ inch ginger

Small ball of tamarind.

1 Onion – Chopped length wise.

Xacuti / Shakuti Ground Masala

Method :

1.Take a Skillet at medium heat  add fresh grated coconut and roast till light brown.

2. Take the roasted coconut on a plate, and in same pan add 1 tbsp. olive / any oil and add the   other ingredient and roast for while don’t roast too dark. (light brown).switch the flame.

3. Take a blender add all the roasted ingredient, tamarind along with coconut add little water and   blend to smooth paste / granulated paste.

4. This ground masala can use for veggie and non-veggies dishes.

For Veggie Recipe below :

 Red Beans Xacuti

For Recipe click here

   Moong Dal Xacuti

For Recipe Click here

Non – Veggie Recipes below :

          Chicken Xacuti

For Recipe click here

Gizzards Xacuti

For Recipe Click here

Note : 

  • If you want bit dark reddish color add more dry chillies.
  • Even if roasted little dark brown color of the ground masala will change to darker.
  • One can use the tamarind while blending or soak and add the water any one procedure can be use.

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