Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7

Simple meal are always a soulful meal and one can relish any day, to prepare this simple thali / saadi boshi does not required a special day or occasion well  over weeks days, but so sorry couldn’t post as i was bit busy with some work, today i took time to post the recipe and felt bad when i don’t post on my dream blog 🙂

Well back to  thali, it was awesome when you see my food click it say’s everything.

Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7

Coconut curry i prepare with some jack-fruit seeds i had the last from my friend i brought and the curry was really so delicious and also add some baby brinjal both were awesome combo with spicy and tangy flavor this time i add tamarind for tangy flavor, can also substitute with kokum, if you are impress with my curry do try over weekend or week days.

Health benefit for Jackfruit Seeds 

High Energy Source

Improves digestion.

Maintains Blood Pressure.

Vitamin A for vision.

Silver Fish actually my mum use to call this fish butterfly fish as it is broad  body and it taste yummy like a chips it is flat body with delicious less meat and side of fish is like crispy and yumicilious, i shallow fry this fish marinate with turmeric pwd. and lime juice and fried both the side till it is crispy like chips. :-). Silver Fish pic courtesy here

Silver Fish

Salad i prepare very simple salad with fresh red onion, cucumber, lime and tomato well i discard the seeds of tomatoes as it turn to watery.

Bombay duck balchao and Mango Sweet Pickle i brought from goa as my friend gift me, Sorry for this recipe I can’t share

Let’s begin with the recipe for other as mentioned below :

My today menu for Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7

  • Coconut curry with jack-fruit Seed & brinjal.
  • Sweet Mango Pickle.
  • Bombay duck / bombil  Balchao.
  • Silver Fish with Turmeric Fry.
  • Salad
  • Parboiled Rice.

Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7

Coconut Curry Ingredients : 

4 to 5 jackfruit seeds

2 baby brinjal

2 tbsp. Coconut oil

1  onion Medium chopped finely

2 ½  cups water

2 green / red fresh chilies slit length wise

3 to 4 piece Teflam  spice-berry

salt as per taste

Ingredient to Blend for curry  :

1 Cup Fresh Coconut grated.

3  Dry Kashmiri Chilies

2 tbsp. Coriander seed

2 tsp. Cumin seed

4 garlic cloves

1 tsp.  Turmeric pwd

Small ball of tamarind

Teflam spice-berry image

Method : 

  1. Take a blender add above ingredient to blend, add little water and blend into smooth paste, meantime clean and chopped the jackfruit seeds into 2 piece, chopped baby brinjal into 4 piece into lengthwise.
  2. Take a deep pot add oil at medium heat add chopped onion and sauté till it is translucent, add teflam ans saute for while then add chopped jackfruit seeds and saute for 3 second.
  3. Then add blend smooth paste and saute for second add water, salt, cover the pot half way and let it simmer at low heat.
  4. Once the curry at boiling point add brinjal, let the brinjal cook till done in meantime check the salt  add according to required.
  5. Add the fresh slit green chilly and cook for 3-4 mins without lid.
  6. Serve the jackfruit and brinjal  Curry with white Stem Rice.


For Salad Ingredients :

2 Red onion

1 Tomato

2 cucumber

1 Lime

2 tbsp. lime juice

½ tsp. olive oil (optional)

Salt to taste

Method :

  1. Chopped the Onion, tomato, cucumber and lime  into medium diced.
  2. Take a bowl add all the chopped salad ingredient add lime juice, salt , olive oil and incorporate well.
  3. Serve with simple thali / saddi boshi.

Note :

  1. Discard the tomatoes seeds or it will turn to watery.
  2. Diced salad according to each desire.
  3. Can add carrot also and lettuces or purple cabbage.

Silver Fish

Silver Fish with Turmeric Fry.

For Marinade : 

5 Silver Fish

1 ½  tsp. turmeric powder.

1 tbsp. lime juice or Vinegar

Salt to taste.

For Frying :


Method : 

  1. Clean and wash the fish pat it dry apply salt and keep a side.
  2. Take a bowl add turmeric pwd. Add lime juice add the fish and let’s marinade for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Heat the frying pan, add oil at medium heat add the marinate fish and shallow fry they fish at medium flame, then flip to other side and fry till golden brown or desire but see that don’t over fry, the fish.
  4. Take a plate add kitchen tissue take off the fish on tissue to take out the excess oil.
  5. Serve with white stem rice.

Sweet Mango Pickle

Sweet Mango Pickle 

Bombay Duck / Dry Bombil Balchao

Bombay Duck  / Dry Bombil  Balchao.

Love & Prayer

Linda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7

Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7


28 thoughts on “Simple Thali / Saadi Boshi # 7

  1. Linda, What a yummy boshi ! The mention of jack fruit seeds and bombil made me drool! I use temlam (tirphal) too. what a unique taste it lends to the dish, right?


  2. What a wonderful feast Linda. that curry sounds delicious. I have to look online and see if I can find jackfruit seeds the same with telfam. Beautiful grouping of foods.


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