Prawns Balchao / Pickle

Balchao is nothing but  spicy and tangy pickle made of seafood or meat dish it’s Goan Cuisine and it was introduce in Goa by Catholic Portuguese when they colonized Goa. If you use this pickle with coconut / cane vinegar it would be more authentic taste but malt vinegar will be equally yum 🙂

Prawns Balchao / Pickle

Are you curving for seafood if “Yes” what you think about this prefect pickle recipe from Goan Cuisine and traditional recipe, I prefer to make more sometime working ladies and when kids studies feel sometimes to do some cooking jiffy than right ? so here is my preservation treasure of seafood lover out over there. Do try and sure you will relish this every bit and this recipe courtesy to my both mum, I mean my mother and my mum-in-law. So prefect recipe tried and tasted and sure your’ll too will love this recipe.

To prepare this pickle I use coconut vinegar when I had carried all the way from goa and use specially for pickles when ever I prepare, this pickle is made and preserve for long over month and mostly Goan make this pickle during monsoon as we don’t get fresh fish, so many houses in Goa prepare this beauty and authentic to relish.

This recipe I adopt from my both mum they make terrific pickle whenever anyone comes from Goa I would love them to send me coconut vinegar which is difficult here to get in Kuwait, and dry Kashmiri Chilly this is very simple recipe with blend dry Kashmiri with other spices with vinegar without adding water, and can keep for month only has to be careful while using spoon has to be clean, this pickle can have once you prepare but I keep over a week and more and it taste terrific as the masala and vinegar coated well and every bit it relish with piping hot white boiled rice, or chapatti, and even much better during monsoon season.

Cuisine : Goan

Recipe Courtesy : My Both Mums

Ingredients :
1 kg  Prawns cleaned and de-veined

2 large onions chopped fine

2 1/2  tbsp sugar

Ingredient to Blend :

20  Kashmiri dry red chillies

1 pod garlic

1” inch ginger

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp Turmeric Pwd.

2″ stick of cinnamon

8-10 cloves

6 to 10 Black pepper corn (optional)

1/2 cup vinegar

Salt to taste

Prawns Balchao / Pickle


  1. Wash and clean the prawns de-veined apply salt and turmeric, keep aside.
  2. Meantime blend the ingredients to smooth paste don’t use any water add vinegar as mentioned above and blend into thick paste, the paste has to be thick.
  3. Take a wok add oil at medium heat add the prawns and fry to medium done, don’t fry too crispy than take off in a plate and fry remaining the prawns in same procedure.
  4. In the same wok, add oil at medium heat add chopped onion sauté till it turn translucent. Then add blend smooth masala pasta fry for a second then add sugar incorporate well, and fried till it leaves oil then add fried prawns let it cook for few minutes, check the salt adjust according to taste.
  5. Switch the flame let is cool completely then store in a clean sterilizer jar make warm oil and add after cooling and, same process for other pickle.
  6. Can have right away but i prefer to keep this pickle for one week  it will taste much better than same day as vinegar and masala coated well and get a nice deep red color.
  7. Serve with piping hot, plain boiled rice can also have with chapati.

Enjoy !!!!!

Love & Regards


Note : 

  1. This Pickle can be preserve more than a month, only has to take care while using use clean spoon.
  1. While blending the above ingredient don’t use any water has to blend the ingredient with vinegar.
  2. Any fish for this pickle has to fry first, and any fish can be add I mostly do with mackerel, king fish and prawns.



 Prawns Balchao / Pickle


Prawns Balchao / Pickle






33 thoughts on “Prawns Balchao / Pickle

  1. Lindaaaa… you know I remember eating this hiding behind the door of our pantry room with a spoon and the bottle. I love it so much!! Dad would be so upset that I would finish it all leaving hardly anything for anyone else.. hehe

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      1. Yah truly agree darling when I cook any dish veggie or non-veggie my master chefs I mean both my kids Dylan & Danica has to taste first if I get approval than I did my mission accomplished 😃😁😁

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