Beaten Rice / Poha Pancakes with Tea

Beaten Rice / Poha Pancakes  yes you hear me correct and a big shout to all moms who’s kids say “NO” to Poha/ Beaten Rice, this is just how i wanted for kids to give them healthy breakfast and “NO” to Poha/Beaten Rice and for this Pancakes they just had without a word with love.


Well, we goan prepare as sweet but wanted to try new recipe to fed them and plan to prepare pancake, and when kids loved what a mum need more.

This was my experience at my home if this pancakes impress you do try and sure your angels too will love it. I use white poha you can also use brown one and it’s good and sure they will relish every bite.

I prepare milk tea with cardamom and use rose tea powder which I carried all the way from goa (store brought) love the aroma of the tea.


1 Cup Brown Flour

4 tbsp. Beaten Rice / Poha

1 Egg

1/2  cup Milk

4 tbsp. sugar / jaggery

Pinch of cardamom Pwd. / Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp.

Ghee / butter for shallow fry.

Method :


  1. Take a bowl add egg, water & sugar and incorporate well then add the dry ingredient and incorporate well, leave for 20 minutes.
  1. After 20 minutes you will see poha absorb the liquid and batter turn to thicker into pancakes batter, add little water it should be pouring consistency.
  1. Heat up skillet add ghee so drop of ghee and apply whole skillet and pour a ladle full of batter once will see some whole and side bit brown, than flip it to other side then remove in plate.
  1. Let is cool and serve with honey and relish every bit.





23 thoughts on “Beaten Rice / Poha Pancakes with Tea

      1. Thanks for your reply, dear Linda 🙂 I also like your posts on sadi boshis.


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