Channa Doce  (Bengal Gram Fudge)

Channa Doce is nothing but Bengal Gram Sweets / Fudge, this is Goan Traditional Sweets with few ingredients but ample of patience and tremendous amount of stirring.

This sweet can enjoy with or without occassion also, it is simple sweets just boil the grams cool and blend to smooth batter with blend granulated coconut and stir along with Sugar and corporate well than add salt & cardamon and stir till it  form to a ball /  to thick lump. Than add to grease plate and and smooth the doce with grease Jackfruit fresh leave and decorate with sha jeera and ready to pack to boys place.

Some doce are flatten on kitchen counter top make design with fork just softly pull on top not so deep (as i shown in my images below) and cut into diamond shapes .

This Sweet is a special prepared for wedding it is prepare in a unique way of preparing like a ball on ceramic plate and decorate and then send to Groom Place along with  denem (trousseau) (Mean sending one day ahead) it mean sending girls cloths, along with interior things for home but it is not compulsory it depend on each parents what is each desire, for marriage along with this channa doce, then boy parents diatribute to neighbour and family.

Well, all may be very excited there is marriage in family, but only girl and girl mum know what are the feeling that we has to leave a go and adjust to new home it really very difficult but this is Tradition no one can implement new. Like we has to stay our own home 😛


We get back to the sweets let’s begin with the ingredients and procedure, and sure your will love Goan Traditional Sweet if you are impress do try, this is first time i prepare in Kuwait, I always use to prepare with my mum, but when i saw my Friend Freda post could not resist and just tried my mum recipe and it was incredible.


1 cup Bengal gram dal (channa dal)

1 cup grated coconut

 1 cup sugar

 1 tsp. Cardamom powder

4 to 5 tbsp. Ghee

1 pinch of salt

2 cups water


1.Wash a soak bengal garm overnight, next day wash and pressure cook the Gram dal with some water let it cook, with 3 whistle close the flame, let is cool completely then drain the dal and blend to smooth paste 

2. Take a medium deep pot add blend dal then granulated blend coconut add same pot, add sugar and add ghee 2 tbsp. and stir continously.

3. Stirring has to do till a thick lump is formed on medium heatAfter stirring for a few minutes it turns slightly brown. At this point add a pinch of salt.If it gets difficult to stir, it means you are doing a good job and your Doce will turn out to be perfect.

4. Now add the cardamom powder and 2 more tbsp.. of ghee and keep stirring as the ghee makes  easier to stir.

5. After 25-30 minutes, stirring would become extremely difficult as the mixture solidifies. Then it’s time to remove the doce switch off the flame.

6. Grease the kitchen counter, add the doce and flatten the mixture with a greased rolling pin.

7. Smooth the edges with fork pull on top of doce very carefully on top not deep, than cut the doce into diamond shape pieces.

Note :

Add Sugar according to taste, stirring continously, or hence it will burn the edges.

Cut accordingly to desire shape and docorate with dry fruits.





❤ Linda Ferns ❤


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