Milk Cream (Milk Toffee)

Hi Friend, Compliment of the season hope each one has enjoyed the Christmas and we are Stepping into New Year, I would like to thank each one of my “Blogging Friends” for all the Love, encouraging and Support your’ll gave me for this year (2015), I am blessed to have each and hope to continue the same love in coming year and “Blessed Year ahead” (2016).

Today i would love to share Milk Cream / Toffee, it was so terrific and divine taste, its very simple and only four ingredients just has to see the Cashew Nut powder has to be very fine, one blend then pass through with fine strainer and granulated nuts has to blend again to fine powder, than proceed to cooking its very simple as i mentioned below step by step.

This lovely recipe i adopt from my lovely Freda from her lovely space ©Amoritic Essence to reach her gorgeous recipes click here she has amazing collection do stop by to her space

Let’s begin with the Milk Cream / Toffee as follows :


Ingredients : 

1  Tin Condensed Milk
1/3 cup cashew Nut
1/4 tsp. Vanilla Extract / Nutmeg Pwd.
1 tbsp. butter

Method :

1. Take a blender / Grinder, add  cashews nut and blend to a fine powder,  then pass through fine strainer and blend all the granulated cashews nut to fine powder. Grease the plate with butter and keep a side.

2. Take a heavy bottom non stick pan add condense milk, cashew nuts          powder, vanilla extract / nutmeg powder. Switch on the flame to            medium low, stir continuously.

3. Continue stirring ( for the next 15 minutes) until it form a thick / the       mixture leaves the side of the pan.

4. Now add the butter, keep on stirring,  hence it might burn, stir continuously till the mixture reaches soft ball consistency, it will takes another 10 minutes approx. on low flame, switch off the flame.

5. Now transfer this mix to a greased plate, spread it thick with a spatula don’t spread thin.

6. When it is slightly warm,  take a silicon mold (any design accordingly) and take a milk toffee / cream press inside the silicon mold and continue procedure to all the silicon mold, then slowly press from   down the silicon mold and here your beautiful milk toffee / cream,       ready to relish, then leave for a while to cool completely, Transfer to an       air right container.



Note :

1. To test  Milk Toffee :  Take a bowl with water and drop a milk cream / toffee into it, then roll it between your fingers, and it doesn’t disintegrate in water and neither too sticky, it’s done.

2.  Grease the silicone molds with little butter, and you can dust also little icing  sugar on your hands and to silicone molds, if you find the milk cream / toffee if it little sticky.

3. If you do not have the silicon molds you can roll the milk cream / toffee on kitchen counter and roll to 1 inch thick or according to desire then cut to diamond shape or any share desire. Place them on a plate, leave it on the counter to dry, uncovered for about 1 day .





❤ Linda Ferns ❤


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