Kunda is Belgaum in North Karnataka Sweet and most popular sweet after Mysorepak, Kuda was the name of his daughter, so he name this gorgeous sweet as Kunda , well one day Owner Jakku left the milk boiling and forgot about it. He returned only when the milk had nearly dried up and was reduced to a brown paste. He added some sugar to it, and it tasted lovely. That is how this terrific sweet was born.

This is my First Post in New year (2016) and just plan to start post with Sweet that too my favourite and very difficult to get here in Kuwait so plan to treat my self by this special Sweet “Kunda” well Kunda sweet is very simple to make all you required is milk, sugar, curd, nut meg / cardamon powder, semolina ghee last but not least patience & passion, it’s incredible and granulated like soya kheema. 😉.

“Kunda” is one of our favourite sweet and when ever we go for vacation never miss a chance to relish this terrific beauty. And in Goa every Sweets Shop you will get “Kunda” and was curving for Kunda and decided to prepare at home. It was delicious and my daughter just love this gorgeous beauty if you too lover of Kunda do try and relish every bite.

The detail of Kunda story i read from this beautiful site click here.

Ingredient :

2 cups Milk

1 cup Sugar

1 tbsp Semolina

1 tbsp fresh curds

3 tbsp ghee

1 tsp Nutmeg / Cardamon powder

Cashew Nuts for garnish


Method :

1. Take a heavy bottomed pan, add a tbsp of ghee. once the ghee is melt, add a tbsp of semolina, saute until it turn slightly brown colour.

2. Add Milk and bring it a boil. once the milk boils, add a tbsp of yogurt  & turn off the fire.

3. Take another heavy bottomed pan, add sugar at low flame  stir till it turn into caramelized, switch off flame.

4. Once the sugar gets caramelized, add into split / curdle milk & incorporate well.

5. Cook on medium flame the carmelized  sugar melt, do keep stirring at regular intervals to avoid burnt at bottom and cook until the mixture becomes slightly thick start leaving the sides of the pan.

6.Add the remaining ghee & incorporate well. Turn off the stove, Add nutmeg  / cardamon  powder and mix well.

7. Garnish with Cashew Nuts /Almond slivers before serving


You can serve Kunda at room temperature, but in winter season it’s good to have warm, i too also relish warm.

You can also serve with Carrot Halva or dollop of ice-cream & relish every bite.





❤ Linda Ferns ❤


19 thoughts on “Kunda

  1. Linda I tried ur kunda recipe and it turn out so well u have explained the steps so easily one of favourite dessert in our house added.
    Thanking you

    Liked by 1 person

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