Mugadali Godshe / Green Bean Broth

Mugadali Muga Dali is the term used in konkani for Moong, Dali mean Dal and Godshe is the term used in konkani for sweets, so both words we calls Mugadali Godshe.
At home we love sweets made of coconut Fresh or Dry in anyform along with Jaggery. So today i would love to share another memorable recipe from my darling mum.

This Godshe or Broth from green beans, I along with my siblings use to relish every sip, it was rich and nutritious too, our mum use to prepared this beauty so well and sure add all ingredients with load of love too.

This recipe is very simple has to boil all the ingredients together and add the jaggery accordingly to each desire, well we make this Godshe / Broth with fresh coconut but today I prepared with dry coconut and add 2 tablespoon coconut without blend i too love the crunchy noise while having a sip 😉 it depend on each desire it’s optional to add. Do try this amazing Godshe / Broth (if tried do share with images and dont forget to give feedback & do try over this winter season and relish warm sip.

Let’s begin with ingredients and method as noted below :


Benefits : 

  1. Green beans contain vitamin B-1, C and B6 (pyridoxine). Regular consumption of diets rich in Vitamin-B6 help you develop resistance against contagious agents that cause diseases.
  2. Mostly this dal is cooked for sick persons in home.
  3. It is easy to digest and not like other pulses which are heavy for digestion.image

Ingredients :

1 Cup Whole Moong dal
1 Cup grated Jaggery
1/2 Cup Fresh grated Coconut / Dry Coconut.
2 tbsp. Dry coconut (optional)
1/4 tsp cardamom powder.
Salt to taste.

Method :

1. Wash nicely moong dal, drain water completely keep a side.

2. Take a blender / mixer add fresh / dry coconut along with Jaggery add little water and blend to smooth paste.

3. Take a Pressure Cooker add drain moong dal along with blend mixture of coconut and jaggery, add 5 glass of water and 2 tbsp. dry coconut (optional) and close the lid let it cook.

4. Let it cook completely, close the flame after 4 whistle, add cardamon powder, check the dal is should be bit mushy, check the sweetness add jaggery according to taste, cook for while.

Note : 

  1. For this Mugadali Godshe / Moong dal Broth, has to use fresh coconut but mine i use dry coconut, just try well i always use fresh coconut.
  2. Moong dal has to cook well, mushy form as i shown in images above.
  3. For cardamon can also use nutmeg powder, it depend on each desire.
  4. Add jaggery according to each desire sweetness.

❤ Linda Ferns ❤</simage



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