Orange & Mint Raita

Orange Mojito

Ever since I tasted Palak Raita, plan to try more variation and earlier I share Orange Mojito, Chicken with Orange Gravy, Dry Fruit  Immerse with Orange Juice Cake, today another innovation orange  Raita, it has been in the back of my mind to try the combo.

Oranges, are different type sweet &  sour, I ❤ organes personally, it’s very delicious and I use in salads, desserts, curry as I mentioned above, today I prepared Raita Mint and Orange great combo with brayani or pulao this raita was so refreshing with bit crunchy, spicy and sweet feeling and goes on any meal.

It’s very jiffy recipe whenever guest arrive and short of salad do try this jiffy raita and sure they will be impressed  and sure it will vanish too.

Thank to dearie Freda @ Aromatic Essence for tips of the great combo.

Author  : Linda Fernandes
Cuisine : Indian
Recipe  : Raita / Salad
Serve.   : 3 – 4


3 tbsp. Orange – Segment
6 Mint Leaves
1 green Chilly
2 Cup Yogurt
1 Green Chilly



1. Wash and chopped mint leaves & green chilly, keep a side.

2. Peel the skin off the orange and apart and break into separate. Make a tiny snip, just enough to cut the white bit.
Turn it around and snip the other end. With the opening at the top star peeling the segment of orange gently away.

3. Take a bowl add yogurt and whisk to smoothy texture, add chopped green chilly, mint leaves, orange segment & salt and  gently incorporate well.

4. Take a bowl add the raita &  Garnish with orange segment and serve chilled accomplish with briyani


Note :

1. Add green chilly according  to desire spicy.

2. Can also used chilly flakes according to desire.

3. Adjust the raita according  to desire consistency. If required liquidy add some water.



❤ Linda Ferns ❤


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