Tahari Pulao

Tahari yes you’ll hear me  correct and today i would love to share Hyderabadi Cuisine, perfect meal over weekend Tahari is similar to briyani but tahari is Jiffy. This Pulao was so delectable, juicy and tender meat relished every bit,  well have to be a bit careful while  adding water in rice incase of too … More Tahari Pulao


Kunda is Belgaum in North Karnataka Sweet and most popular sweet after Mysorepak, Kuda was the name of his daughter, so he name this gorgeous sweet as Kunda , well one day Owner Jakku left the milk boiling and forgot about it. He returned only when the milk had nearly dried up and was reduced … More Kunda

Bolinhas / Rava Cookies

Bolinha are a traditional and signature treat of Goan dessert.  And in Portuguese it’s call Bolinhas de Coco. As Goan and Portuguese cultures are strongly bind historically, this dessert shows the great fusion of both cuisines. These are sweet and smoothly tasting cookies made with grated coconut, cardamom, eggs and it’s unique flavor, it pretty … More Bolinhas / Rava Cookies

Pinaca / Pinnac

Pinaca / Pinnac is very delicious and Goan Traditional Sweets, whenever i  prepare its just refresh the memories of my Grandmother, and i must say her  handmade was just terrific and very Traditionally she use to prepare on grinding stone which we use to relish every  bite. With black tea / milk tea. Here i … More Pinaca / Pinnac