Bake Fish

I am a big fan of fish and when it comes to prepare i mostly prefer to bake fish this recipe i adopt from ma dad he use to prepare and dis beauty and it was ma favorite then and till date i love to continue his amazing recipe and what else i can say … More Bake Fish

Prawns Green Gravy

This Green Gravy is very rich and taste terrific and i also try for the first time with coriander and coconut combo and it was superhit with ma kids and was really very excited that they like it. with prawns pulao it was aws. and rich with both coconut pulao and prawns gravy. Health benefits … More Prawns Green Gravy

Prawns Pulao

This  Prawns Pulao is a very popular dish from the goan cuisine. This rice dish has the flavor of spices and the prawns. The flavor is rich with coconut milk, ghee and prawns. And it was yummy ma kids also like this amazing pulao. Health benefits Prawns contain omega-3 fatty acids very important to our … More Prawns Pulao

Mackerel Stuff

It’s another Goan Cuisine it is also called Mackerel Recheado it stuff with whole Red chilly masala & its yummy too. Ingredients: 2 Mackerel Fish Salt to taste 1 Tbsp Refined flour 2 Tbsp Refined oil Recheado Masala 8 to 10 Kashmiri Red Chilies 1 Tbsp Black Peppercorn 1 Tsp Sugar 4 to 5 Garlic Cloves 1 … More Mackerel Stuff